How it works

Brilliant Solar Paneling designs, engineers and installs the most efficient solar systems to meet the unique energy customer. Brilliant Solar Paneling’s personnel provide on-site project management and fully test the solar system after completion.

As part of its turn-key service, Brilliant Solar Paneling first creates a complete profile of client’s total needs by analyzing the last 12 months worth of electric bills. We use this summary of total current usage and projected needs to design the appropriate sized solar system.

To collect the most sunlight year-round, solar panels are mounted directly to the south facing slopes on pitched or hipped roofs. For a float-roofed building, the PV panels are installed on angled supports oriented to the south.

The same guidelines as above will also be used on all “ground mount” constructed solar systems.

The panels are connected together to produce enough electricity for each building need. Power from the solar array is sent to an inverter which changes the DC power generated by the panels to safe AC power for use in the building.

As part of its energy assessment, Brilliant Solar Paneling also suggests where clients can conserve energy. This may include upgrading or replacing lights, air conditioning and appliances with new equipment for added energy efficiency.

Brilliant Solar Paneling warrants each solar installation for five years. PV panels have a manufacturer’s warranty of twenty-five (25) years.